Branding characters are my favorite projects to work on. I love to create mascots and design characters that will tell a company's story, reach their audience, and keep their followers engaged. This is a collection of some of my favorites from here in the United States. I grouped them together, as they came from smaller projects.


Up first is a pair of brand characters that I created for the Woko Loco restaurant in Austin, Texas. This particular pair is unique on this page because they did not end up making the cut! They did at first, but then we totally redesigned them and made a huge identity package that features them in several illustrations. I still liked this version, though, and so have other customers that have hired me to create mascots for them in this style. Please check out the finished results, that I am also proud of, here at this link.

Here is a snippet of the kind things that Woko Loco creator Manuel Rodriguez had to say about working with me:

Working with Shawn has been great! He is an amazing human being and an incredibly creative graphic designer... If you want a dependable, enthusiastic, communicative, proactive graphic designer with integrity... don't hesitate to hire Shawn. - Manuel Rodriguez, Woko Loco restaurant, Austin, Texas

ZisZack (2).png
ZisZack (3).png
ZisZack (1).png
ZisZack (4).png
ZisZack (5).png

These characters were created for a website and a project called "Z is for Zack". I had a great time creating them and hope to show more work from this project soon. Zack has a high-tech wheelchair that takes him into many exciting adventures, and I look forward to sharing more soon. Dale Parker, the creator of this project, left these words behind for me to share with you:

Great artist and person! Working with Shawn was a pleasure and anyone who hires him will be blessed and pleased with his work! - Dale Parker, Z is for Zack, Salt Lake City, Utah

Asset 3.png

Jackazz Burritos is a tex-mex food truck in Austin, Texas, and one I hope to visit soon! This is one of my favorite branding characters to date. Here's a testimonial from Nick, the food truck's owner:

Shawn's design skills are impressive. Communicate a good picture of what you want and Shawn will make it happen. I strongly recommend him for this kind of work! Seriously, I've hired lots of people to do work locally. Never again! Shawn literally drew the picture in my mind. Impressive guy! - Nick Edelen, Jackazz Burritos Food Truck, Austin, Texas

Asset 8.png

GPL, from Denver, Colorado, uses their patented methods to remove that unwanted smell of rotten eggs from facilities working with natural gas.

Great experience working with Shawn all around! - Alex Marcoux, GPL - Denver, Colorado

Asset 9.png

Elm City Social is a restaurant that features a chicken and waffles night. They wanted to have some fun with tongue-in-cheek table displays and hired me to help. An "attractive chicken pinup" has been one of my stranger requests, but it seemed like it was a big hit when it was needed!

Great work, fast with changes. Hope to work with again. - Matthew Bailey, Elm City Social, New Haven, Connecticut

Expert Intelligence at Scale-01.jpg
AI Cloud New.png

Sigsense is a tech company from San Francisco that has developed technology that can detect upcoming maintenance needs for vital equipment before it is too late to make repairs. I created this robot who detects those problems from the cloud and sends the information to Sigsense in time to save the day. I also created these infographics to help their customers understand the process.