Dicey Goblin Character Design

Dicey Goblin retails popular, awesome board games, and they needed a goblin or two of their own to represent their business. I'm glad they asked me to do the honors of designing them! Ideas for the main goblin came and went, and you can see some of the extra sketches below.


Entrepreneurial husband and wife duo, Hayden and Alecia Wall, were fantastic to work with, and Hayden left these words to say about his experience working with me:


Shawn was great to work with. He helped us create a new logo/mascot for our site as well as determining the overall color scheme. He was very fun to work with when coming up with ideas plus if there was something we felt needed to be changed, he would make it happen quickly which is important in my line of business. As soon as we have another graphic design project, I won't hesitate to hire Shawn again.
-Hayden Wall, owner of Dicey Goblin, Boardgame Retailer, Austin, TX 

Asset 4.png
Asset 10.png
Asset 11.png
Asset 12.png
Asset 5.png
Asset 6.png
Asset 8.png
Asset 9.png