This is exactly the kind of work I love to do most! Creating and designing amazing brand characters that greet customers with a smile and nostalgic feeling is my favorite part of my job.


Food Group, Inc creates amazing, fruit-flavored ice drinks that are served from dispenser machines, and they hired me to bring their product's characters to life!


Aubrey Gray, Creative Director at United Food Group, Inc, said these kind words about working with me:

Shawn is one of the best people to work with on the planet. He is incredibly efficient, talented and worked extremely well with our design team to create our companies branded mascot and logo. We have worked on multiple characters, tradeshow displays, print materials, and digital projects with Shawn and he continues to impress us and our clients. We look forward to the opportunity to work together again!!! Highly Recommended!!!

Asset 6.png
Asset 8.png
Asset 7.png

I love to see the characters on the actual products they were made for, and designing the wearable mascot was one of my favorite things about this project!

Asset 10.png
Asset 3.png

Sidekick characters like these are a pleasure to design, and the extra, fun illustrations that go with a job like just makes it even better!

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Asset 1.png
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