This project was a lot of fun. Radio Aire, a radio station in the UK, featured a game on the air in which the DJ's competed to recognize "What's That Sound?" along with the listeners. When a listener would participate with the game online, they would see these caricatures.


Obviously, these caricatures are not drawn in the traditional theme park style. Rather, I was asked to draw these closer to my simpler, retro style, which can be seen more here and here.


I have added some of the photos I used for reference, but there were many more. In case you notice drastic differences in the hairstyles or clothing of some of these drawings from the photos, that is why.


Chris Rutherford, from Radio Aire, left these comments about out experience working together:

Second time I've worked with Shawn and another great job. Can't recommend him highly enough. If you're looking for an illustrator, look no further - Shawn is your man! 
- Chris Rutherford, Northsound Radio Aire, Liverpool UK

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