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Throughout my portfolio, you will see a good number of projects that I have completed for DJ and Rachel Ellsworth and their educational companies: Ellsworth Publishing Co., and Speech Corner. They have hired me to do many projects including box design, 3d toy design, book and catalog covers, animations, and more. I have enjoyed working with them on every one of the projects!


I have worked with Shawn Encarnacion on a handful of commercial projects and I have always been very pleased with his work. In the past I have had less positive experiences with freelance artists. Unfortunately, a common theme I find is the need to reinforce deadlines and encourage artists to meet these deadlines. I have had the experience of artists not completing projects, even months late--this is the risk of using freelancers. I am happy to say that Mr. Encarnacion does not fit this stereotype. His project work has been timely, the utmost quality, easy to speak with regarding project details, and even early with project completions. I make special note of artists with a business mindset like Mr. Encarnacion, and our company looks forward to using him on future projects.
- DJ Ellsworth, Technology Director
Ellsworth Publishing Co.